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7 Challenges to Europe

7 challenges to Europe

Are you interested in the EU and Europe? Do you want to learn more about political, cultural, social and legal challenges facing Europe today? Would you like to earn a diploma for your efforts? Then you should participate in the EURECO Distinguished Lecture Series at the University of Copenhagen.

1. December 2009 - Social Tourism or Social Dumping?

Social Tourism or Social Dumping? Union Citizenship, Free Mobility and Welfare Rights
Professor Kirsten Ketscher, LAW.

10. November 2009 - Culture

What Cultural Diversity? Media, Everyday Life and the Cultural Dimension of Europe.
Professor Ib Bondebjerg, HUM.

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20. Oktober 2009 - Rights

The Future of Europe of Human Rights? The Past and Future of the European Court of Human Rights Research. Associate Professor Mikael Rask Madsen, LAW.

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29. September 2009 - Sovereignty

Integration or Independence? The EU and Nordic Conceptions of Parliamentary Sovereignty.
Professor Marlene Wind, CEP.  

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15. September 2009 - Media

Communicating Europe? Looking for a European Public Sphere.
Associate Professor Mark Ørsten, RUC.