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EURECO 2017:
Europe in the age of Trump

In November 2016, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States of America. The election of Donald Trump, set-off by a populist rise among the voters, were by many seen as a beginning of an anti-establishment wave also present in Europe. With Brexit the same year, the fear of a declining EU seemed a reality.

In this light, EURECO invites you to this year’s Distinguished Lecture Series: 'Europe in the Age of Trump'. The lecture series address some of the central questions emerging from the election of Donald Trump:

How does social media usage affect populism and what challenges are there to media freedom (lectures by ass. professor Miklós Áron Sükösd and PhD fellow Michael Bossetta)? How should Europe act internationally in the Trump era (professor Achilles Skordas)? What consequences does Brexit have for the UK and Europe in UK's pursuit of a "Global Britain" (professor Stuart James Ward)? And why do we see a Democratic Decline in EU member states (postdoc Theresa Scavenius)?

Lastly, we are pleased to have the distinguished professor of Sociology at UCLA, Robert Brubaker, giving the Final Honorary Lecture on 'Why populism?', 28 November 2017. Professor Brubaker has written widely on social theory, immigration, citizenship, nationalism, and ethnicity and is a world leading scholar pioneering the field.

EURECO (European Research at the University of Copenhagen) is a research cooperative between the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Humanities. EURECO's aim is to generate cutting edge research on the EU with an international impact.

The EURECO Distinguished Lectures are open to the public and we invite everyone who takes an interest in European issues to sign-up for a serie where some of the best scholars within the field will present and discuss their current work.

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26 SEPTEMBER 2017  - Register here
Challenges to media freedom and pluralism in Europe and the US’

Miklós Áron Sükösd, Associate Professor
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication
Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen

03 OCTOBER 2017 - Register here

‘Europe in the World: Normativity and Geopolitics in the Trump Era’
Achilles Skordas, Professor
Centre of Excellence for International Courts, 
Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

10 OCTOBER 2017 - Register here

‘Social Media and Contemporary Political Participation: Transatlantic Trends in the EU and US’
Michael Bossetta, PhD fellow
Centre for European Politics, 
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen

24 OCTOBER 2017 - Register here

'Britain After Brexit: Theresa, Trump and the transition to “Global Britain”’
Stuart James Ward, Professor, 
Centre for Australian Studies, 
Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen

31 OCTOBER 2017 - Register here

‘The Democratic Decline in EU Member States’
Theresa Scavenius, associate Professor
Department of Planning, 
Aalborg University

7 NOVEMBER 2017 - Register here

‘Defending Multilateralism in the Age of Trump’
Jed Odermatt, Postdoc, 
Centre of Excellence for International Courts, 
Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen


Final Honorary Lecture: ‘Why Populism?’
Rogers Brubaker, Professor of Sociology
University of California, Los Angeles