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Research focus

To focus research within the area of European studies does not mean to invest in wide-spread, scattered initiatives all over the University of Copenhagen, but, rather, to make choices that can enhance the coordination and goal-oriented planning of research activities. Focused research also implies that the University of Copenhagen can react to and constructively deal with a number of burning platforms that have become salient to the surrounding society as well as engage in long-term consolidation of basic research, which is essential to any serious research environment.

Among areas on which basic research is being conducted on a more permanent basis, the role of "Europe in Denmark", the role of "Denmark in Europe" and the role of "Europe in the world" are central. Continuous basic research has to be carried out on the legal, political, economic and historical foundations of Europe and European integration. At the same time, basic research is urgently needed to assess and anticipate Europe's future role and competitiveness as an international political, economic, military and "normative" power within the next decades. These are areas on which research has already been conducted at the University of Copenhagen. Further and focused investment in this well-established national platform firmly places the University of Copenhagen as a leading and high-ranking institution on the Nordic and international scales of excellent EU and European research.

On this site you can read more about the different EURECO researchers from the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Humanities, as well as read news from the different European research centres.